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1981 - 1996

From the light-fittings in resin towards high decoratión’s classic Furniture in 1981

Our company, was devoting itself to the manufacture of light-fittings, moldings, and ornamental elements, in epoxy resins, supplying the principal manufacturers of classic Spanish furniture. The following step, which arose in a natural way, as far back as 1989 was, produce furniture of classic style, using as principal raw material, the resins and the epoxy composites. we praise ourselves, fruit of the limitations that was offering this raw material, in the specialization of the auxiliary furniture, consoles, mirrors and coffee tables, with finishes like marmbles, baths of gold, and the best finished handcrafted ones, a hollow managed to be opened on the market for our first commercial brand, Vadillo’s. 

changing our style, without forget the origins

Probably one of the most complicated  moments our company history , the domestic market of classic furniture was suffering a serious recession, the trends were changing and the niches of market for a product like that we were making, were annotated increasingly, it is at the time when from the direction of the company decides to give a change of direction in the course of the company, We Needed a product that was replacing the needs of a market that it was evolving. It is in 1997 when the brand Vettas was born. it will be our first steps on the market of the modern furniture. From the beginning we seek to cover the need of the auxiliary furniture of modern style of level way,. We continue of natural form,With the specialization in this kind of furniture, consoles, coffee tables, mirrors,  covers radiators… of course without forgetting our origins, we continue using the resins and the technical composites in the utilization of our furniture, them combining with the natural wood veneers,  the aluminium and the lacquers of the first quality.

Growing and Evolving…

From the beginning Vettas finds its own hollow inside the spanish modern furniture market, though young agents must be renewed our sales team practically to 75 %, with the new dynamics of work and of the hand of the new sales team, and with the clients voice adapted to Vettas Mobiliario product, we manage to position ourselves rapidly as one of the brands inside our sector. From this perspective, we inaugurate the facilities in which nowadays our company is located, change to the facilities placed in Picassent’s Industrial area, here, we have a few new cabins of polish, most advanced technologically, increase the insole and the company decides to give a jump towards ahead and to invest in the relating thing principally with the technology.

It is the living-room furniture time and looking for abroad 

In 2012 to continue with our evolution, Present to the world of the lounge – dining room, a product elaborated with the detail of the auxiliary furniture, and the same elements typical of the brand. It is continued betting for the quality and the bet of merger of materials as tipycal of our know how. The same year we begin Vettas/Export project and the first fruits of the investment in formation as for exports, are coming in the shape of orders, At the end of 2015 the customers from abroad has increased 25 % and already we are present on different european markets.

The History of our company since 1989 from today